Suppliers You Need

To navigate the complexities of moving you will need people to help you along the way. Whether you are looking for a home, moving your furniture or seeking financial advice, there are industry professionals out there waiting to help.

If you are moving on your own, without the assistance of a corporate move package, many of these companies and contractors can be quite expensive, so you will need to weigh their benefits versus the cost. In many cases their value can be indispensible, especially if you need to move a full house of furniture.


Some of the suppliers you may need are included in the list below:

  • Household Goods Van Line: packing, transporting and storage of your household and personal items
  • Storage Supplier: storage of household goods if not provided by a van line
  • Truck Rental: self movement of household goods
  • Auto Carrier: professional automobile transportation in lieu of using the household goods transporters
  • Appliance Servicing: disconnection and reconnection of appliances associated with a move
  • Disposal Services: trash or junk removal prior to a move
  • Charitable Donation Services: local charities to accept unwanted items associated with a move
  • Cleaning Services: final cleaning services upon moving out of a home
  • Real Estate Agency: home sale, purchase or rental services; destination reference 
  • Contract Repair: dismantling, removal or replacement of home fixtures, swing sets and other; repair of home prior to moving out or just after moving in
  • Home Inspectors: condition assessments associated with home sale and purchase
  • Home Appraisers: valuation of properties associated with home sale and purchase 
  • Insurance Appraiser: appraisal of jewelry, antiques and personal effects prior to a move
  • Insurance Companies: insurance coverage for rental properties and a home purchase
  • Destination Services: professional search companies and providers of location data
  • Mortgage Providers: home mortgage brokers and lenders for the purchase of a home
  • Mortgage Insurance: insurer to a mortgage lender in the event of an insufficient downpayment
  • Title Company: researcher and insurer of land ownership
  • Closing Agent: home settlement services for processing and filing legal documents
  • Travel Agency: services for booking travel, hotel and temporary accomodations 
  • Address Management: one-stop address change services
  • US Postal Service: to hold and forward mail
  • Financial Planning: assessment of financial health prior to a move
  • Legal Services: to conduct home purchase and sale process - required in several states
  • Tax Services: income tax preparer to account for move expenses; strongly suggested for relocating employees
  • Career Counseling: assistance searching for a job in the new location for a spouse or child 
  • Family Counseling: psychological counseling services for family members having difficulty coping with a move

Corporate Relocation

When relocating under a corporate or employee relocation program, your company will have national contracts with many industry suppliers and will most likely assign some of them to you. These services are generally free to you, so make the best use of them. In addition, you may have a Relocation Management company that will help manage your relocation and counsel you throughout the move.

Move Acronyms

AMSA  American Moving & Storage Association

CWT   Cost per one hundred pounds

DOT    Department of Transportation

PBO    Packed By Owner

SIT     Storage In Transit


Real Estate Acronyms

BPO   Broker Price Opinion

CMA  Comparative Market Analysis

FDR   Formal Dining Room

MLS   Multiple Listing Service

TI      Tenant Improvement


Relocation Acronyms

CRP   Certified Relocation Professional

COLA Cost of Living Allowance

FMV   Fair Market Value

MVA   Market Value Analysis

PCS   Personal Change of Station (military)



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