Confronting Stress

Confronting Stress and DepressionCoping with stress is arguably one of the most difficult parts of a move. Professional studies have shown that moving from one geographic location to another is in the top five most stressful events in life.* 

It is important to understand that your spouse, kids and other close family members are feeling it too. Each one of you will be uprooting from your home, friends, neighbors, schools, jobs, favorite stores and many other things that feel comfortable right now, and it will take time for each one of you to become settled and make friends in your new area.

Accepting Change

The simple fact of every move is this; change is difficult. If moving is an inevitable event, meaning that there is no other choice but to move, then everyone impacted by the move will need to accept that changes are coming. Once everyone understands and embraces change, you will find it easier to manage your move. Even if stress levels remain high, actively addressing each situation lets your family members know that you care and are trying to do the best you can to help them.  

Confronting Change

No matter how well you know your family it's always good to take a bit of professional advice. The two steps outlined below will help you confront the stress associated with your move.

  • Discuss: the first step to confronting change is to openly discuss stress points with each family member. In some instances you will need to be discrete, maybe because your teenager is involved with a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, in most cases the stress point will impact everyone, like having to accept that you are moving out of your comfortable home and surroundings. Gauge the level of discreteness as you see fit.
  • Engage: after discussing each persons fear and understanding their stress points you need to get everyone engaged in the move process itself. The best way to do this is by including them in various steps of the move, maintaining a positive outlook on all situations, and avoid unnecessary distractions. By doing this you will be able to effectively assimilate (see Transition) each into their new lives.

There are professional organizations that can help you work through this stress (see Suppliers You Need), but most of the time the few simple steps above will help your family confront their stress and and manage their own change.


* Published results on the psychological impact of relocating or physically moving to a new geographic location vary by importance and stress level. 

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