Relocation Policies

Relocation benefit offerings are categorized into Policies for consistency and ease of administration. The benefits provided to you will depend on what type of relocation policy that you are offered.

Policy Basics

Relocation policy benefits range from lucrative offerings to the most basic of necessities. Generally speaking, established employees and desired new hires will be offered the best of policies, while entry-level new hires and junior employees will receive something less. Since relocation is an expensive benefit, policy offerings are usually based on the value that an employee brings to the company.

In an attempt to maintain consistency, employers commonly group move benefits into several base policies. Anyone that is offered relocation will be assigned one of the policies based on several factors, including employee level and budgeting. Typical policy offerings might look like the following:

  • Tier I Employee and Experienced New Hire: full policy benefits
  • Tier II Employee and General New Hire: reduced policy benefits
  • Tier III Entry Level New Hire: basic or bare bone benefits

The policies offered by your company will be labeled differently than those above, but each will similarly be designed to provide varying levels of benefits. 

A newer trend in relocation is for a company to have fewer or just one policy with an a-la-carte selection of benefit choices, giving recruiters and department heads more latitude to match the cost of relocation to budgeting. 

Check out the Relocation Benefits section for details on individual benefit offerings. 

Starting Relocation

Your relocation will begin with a policy overview through a relocation counselor assigned by your company. The counselor may be a company employee or outsourced provider, either of which will greatly contribute to the success of your move. Speaking with your counselor before starting anything is extremely important and will ensure that you are not excluded from any benefits.

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