Phasing Your Move

We’ve categorized the move process into three distinct phases to help you more easily organize your thoughts. Each phase covers a range of topics to ensure that you and your family complete the move with as little stress possible. Since these phases rely upon one another it is important that you understand each of them before you start your move process.

The Discovery Process

The Discovery phase is the most important part of any move and is performed before all else. It is where you will research everything about your move to help you with all of your decisions. The research will help you understand all of the costs you will incur, the impact it will have on you and your family and help you decide where you will want to live.     Discovery»

Executing the Move

The Move Execution phase is the ‘doing’ portion of your move. After going through the discovery process and making good decisions about planning your move, you'll need to put everything into action. This phase walks you through the move process, which includes things like cancelling your lease, selling or buying a home, working with moving van companies and more.     Getting Organized»

Transition Management

Continuously monitoring the levels of stress that you and your family are going through is a critical factor for ensuring a successful transition. To assimilate everybody through the move and into your new neighborhood you'll need to apply some psychological 'tweaks' to keep them all engaged. Although this is the third phase it needs to be performed across the entire process.     Transition»