Getting Organized 

You’ve sat down with your family to discuss the move, and you’ve diligently researched the impact it will have on your finances and the people around you. Now your decision to move is final…so what’s next? This section is designed to get you organized before the physical steps of your move - download the Pre-Move Checklist.  



Now is the time to get your entire family involved in the move.

Assimilating family members into every process, no matter how young, is a critical to a successful transition.    More»


Getting Organized 

Professional services: begin writing a list of all professionals that you visit to inform them of your move. Include physicians, psychologists, specialists, dentists, veterinarians, attorneys, masseuses, chiropractors and others
 as needed.

Final visits: schedule any remaining visits or last minute checkups

Referrals: ask your professional if he or she knows of competent providers near your new home

Transfer records: either right before or just after the move you will need to have them transfer your files


De-clutter: sort through your home, garage, storage facilities and anywhere else you might have "stuff".

Discard: throw out, hold a garage sale, or donate old and unwanted items

Organize: organize what you will be taking with you to make it easier to pack and move 


Finance and banking: write a list of where your accounts are located, including safety deposit boxes. You'll want to have a bank available in the new area, at least for checking and one savings account.

Referrals: ask the financial institutions or your advisors for referrals in the new area

Transfers: prepare to close existing accounts and transfer your funds to the new institutions 


House or rental: list and prepare to inform your current lender, landlord, home insurer, utility companies, trash company and any other home service provider that you will soon be moving.

Memberships and clubs: list of all gym memberships, clubs and other activities that every family member is involved in.

Cancel: find out the cancellation policies of each membership and prepare to cancel them

Find new: begin to search for the same types of activities in the new area. Keeping the same types of activities in your new area will help ease the transition process 

Schools: add to your growing list public or private schools, daycare, after school programs, religious classes and other schooling that may need to be notified.

Cancellation: be sure to give advanced notice of the last day of class. this will help your child transition away from friends and a familiar environment

Search: begin searching for schooling early in the process. Find out how far in advance you will need to enroll your child 

Automobiles: prepare to re-register and insure your automobile if you are moving out of state, as well get a new drivers license. If you need to cancel your auto lease try to negotiate your best deal or continue your lease in the new area.
Permits and licenses: begin the process of legally transferring permits or licenses as needed. This includes firearms, hunting, fishing, trailer, pet and other permits you may hold.
Address transfers: list all of the companies that may continue to send information, so that you can inform them of your new address. This includes credit card issuers, insurers, store memberships, frequent flyer clubs, on-line accounts, and more.
Friends and relatives: be sure to set aside a separate list to send out notification to all of your friends and relatives that you will be moving, along with your new contact information.
Forwarding: no matter how organized you've gotten to this point, you are bound to have forgotten something. Remember to forward your mail with the postal service prior to leaving your old home.
Social networking: for safety purposes, avoid posting address, contact, or any other information about your move on-line. Ensure that your children follow the same advice.


  Congratulations! You have just set the stage

to a successful move by getting organized! Now it's time

to begin focusing on the physical aspects of the move.