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7 Up-Up and Coming Relocation Destinations

May 2013 

Whether you're being asked to relocate by your employer or simply want to try your luck in another part of the country, you'll want to move to an up-and-coming location that offers plenty of opportunity for advancement and lots to do in the meantime. In no particular order, these are seven of the hottest "relocation destinations" for folks who need a change of scenery. 

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The Trailing Spouse: Overlooked

Author: Randall T. Decker - August 2012 

Stress and the Trailing Spouse


While the primary wage earner focuses on his or her new job, the trailing spouse often endures the brunt of managing the family move. As a Corporate Relocation Professional, I've counseled thousands of embattled families who had found themselves stuck in the rigor and stress of a their relocation.  

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Trailing Spouse AssistanceTrailing Spouse Assistance

Your spouse is following you on this important move, but what's on the other end for him or her? Finding a job or going back to school might be what's needed.


Taxes: Personal vs RelocationTaxes for Personal Moves and Relocation

You can deduct moving expenses on your income taxes as long as you move as part of a job change, regardless of whether a company is paying for it.


Moving Company MysteriesMoving Companies and Van Line Practices

More than 40 million household moves take place every year, creating a growing need for legitimate moving companies. Most companies are above board, but you need to be aware.


Packing Your OwnPacking Your Own Household Goods

You can save a lot of money by buying your own boxes and packing yourself, but are you creating more expense by not being properly insured?