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Checklists and Forms 

With so many things to remember and do during the move process it’s good to have some lists to keep you on track. Each form below was developed by industry professionals and will help you through every step of your move. Select the corresponding link to download each form in PDF format.


Forms for all Moves


Discovery and Decision Form

Discovery and Decision (pdf): This form identifies the key economic, social and locational elements needed to help you decide if moving now is the right thing for you and you family.



Destination Search Checklist: Am I moving to the right neighborhood? What are the schools like for my children? These are some of the basic questions you need to answer when searching for a new home. 


Move TimelineMove Timeline:
 Knowing what to do and when to do it is even tough for seasoned movers. This form will help you time out the most typical pieces of your move.


Move Inventory Form

Move Inventory Form (pdf): Jewelry, couches and swing sets all need to be cared for differently. The Move Inventory form lists most items that you will need to care for and advises you on how to move them.



For Corporate Relocations

Relocation Requirement Form:
  This document provides simple definitions of the US Internal Revenue Service distance and time requirements for employee moves.



The 3 Phases of a Successful Move


1] Properly research the new destination before you decide to move. Understand your financial and social impact to you, and download the free assessment form. Stressed Out by Moving


2] Learn about each step of the move process to get your move started in an organized way.


3] Manage transition and stress from the very beginning. Each family member needs to be fully engaged throughout the entire move to properly assimilate into their new environment.

Move Acronyms

AMSA  American Moving & Storage Association

CWT   Cost per one hundred pounds

DOT    Department of Transportation

PBO    Packed By Owner

SIT     Storage In Transit


Real Estate Acronyms

BPO   Broker Price Opinion

CMA  Comparative Market Analysis

FDR   Formal Dining Room

MLS   Multiple Listing Service

TI      Tenant Improvement


Relocation Acronyms

CRP   Certified Relocation Professional

COLA Cost of Living Allowance

FMV   Fair Market Value

MVA   Market Value Analysis

PCS   Personal Change of Station (military)



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