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Debt To Income Ratio (DTI):

Use this calculator to determine the percentage of your overall debt versus your income. A lower percentage means that you will have more monthly income to spare. Higher percentages are more risky. A DTI above 40% is generally unacceptable.

  • Enter the total gross income of each wage earner
  • Enter the amount of your monthly housing payment, including taxes, insurance and association fees
  • Enter each outstanding loan or other financial obligation
  • Calculate your DTI percentage
Debt To Income Ratio
Step 1
What is DTI?
Gross Monthly Income
Enter the total gross monthly income for each borrower. Gross income describes income before taxes are taken out of your paycheck.If there are more than 2 borrowers please combine additional incomes in the borrower 2 field.
Borrower 1 Income ($)
Borrower 2 Income ($)

Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

Use this calculator to determine the overall interest rate you will pay, due to 'up-front fees' paid at the time of closing.

  • Enter your home purchase price, interest rate, loan length and downpayment amount
  • Enter Bank/Lender origination fees as a percentage of your loan amount
  • Enter 'Points' paid to buy down your interest rate (e.g., 1)
  • Enter additional Lender processing fees that are considered interest
Mortgage APR Calculator
Loan Details
Purchase Price
Interest Rate
Loan Term (years)
Down Payment
Closing Costs
Origination Fees
Points Paid
Other Fees Included


Loan To Value Ratio (LTV):

Use this calculator to determine the percentage amount of your loan versus the overall home purchase price. A lower percentage LTV is favored by Lenders. Higher percentages may trigger additional fees, such as Mortgage Insurance.

  • Enter the value/price of your home and loan amount needed
  • Calculate the LTV for your home
Mortgage Loan to Value
Please enter information and press calculate!

Property Value
Outstanding Balance


also see Mortgage Calculators >