Corporate Household Goods Transportation

The movement of your household goods and personal effects is the number one provided relocation benefit of all relocation policies. Employers have designed move programs that reduce the stress of working with van lines to make the process easier than doing it on your own.

  • Movement of household goods: most companies have professional arrangements with one or more Move Van Line agencies for the movement and storage of household goods. If this is the case, your company will already have a master service agreement in place and you will not need to negotiate or contract directly with the van line. Your relocation administrator will randomly assign an agency to your move, or in some cases provide you with a list of movers to choose from.

You’ll manage your move in the same manner as any other person; see Move Preparation, with the exception of writing a check once it’s all over. Your company will pay the van-line directly on your behalf. The movement of your goods is considered non-taxable under IRS regulations.

In some instances, generally in smaller companies, your employer may not have pre-set arrangements with van line agencies. In this situation you will need to fully manage your own move, including the signing of service contracts and paying for the move on your own. Your company will then reimburse you after the move is completed.

  • Storage of household goods: if your relocation benefits include storage, the company will most likely provide between 30 to 90 days of payment, one delivery into the warehouse, and one delivery out.

If you need to prolong your storage days, gain access to your goods while they are in storage, or have multiple delivery dates, you will most likely need to pay for it yourself directly to the service provider.

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